To award two scholarships to either high school seniors and/or college students who are presently or will be pursuing higher education. One scholarship is intended to recognize a student who has displayed outstanding leadership skills, and the other scholarship is intended to recognize a student who has demonstrated outstanding creativity in the arts.

The Eugene Ordway Merrimack Concert Association President’s Award for Leadership is named for the past-president of the board who served in many capacities throughout his tenure as board member. While never having picked up an instrument or sung a note during a concert, Mr. Ordway showed his passion for music by supporting the Merrimack Concert Association through leadership.
The Laurie Ludvigsen Merrimack Concert Association Executive Director’s Award for Creativity is named for the past executive and artistic director who for over sixteen years guided the organization’s public concerts, press coverage and creativity. Ms. Ludvigsen showed how creativity comes in all forms of inspiration and how creativity can unite and inspire.

Applicant must be a graduating high school senior or a college/university student in the year of the award and must be registered as a part-time or full-time college/university student in any major in the upcoming academic year.


Applications must be received or postmarked no later than May 31, 2018.  Applications received or postmarked after this date will not be considered.


Packet is found here (MCA_Scholarship_2018)